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Thanks Living for Thanksgiving

Amid the flurry of activity this week, I was reminded of the reason we’re getting together on Thursday. We’re supposed to emulate the Pilgrims on their first Thanksgiving. Though 400 years separate us from those settlers, we may have more in common than we think.

The first Pilgrims carried over a tradition from England which they called a Harvest Celebration. After arriving in the New World, however, they chose to thank God for being alive and surviving their first brutal winter. Out of 102 original colonists, only 53 survived. Likewise, we can be thankful we were spared from sickness and/or death this year. Some who didn't survive will be missed around the table.

The Puritans shared their provisions with their Native American friends (ninety of them!). According to historians from the native American Wampanoag tribe, the Puritans were out hunting game for their intended feast, when their Wampanoag neighbors heard gunshots. Fearing that the Puritans might be gearing up for war, their leader, Massasoit, and ninety of his warriors came to check out the situation. Learning that his neighbors planned a feast, he sent out his men to hunt for game also. Their shared feast lasted three days.

Likewise, we share our provisions with family and friends. Ever consider inviting a lonely person to your Thanksgiving feast?

The Puritans arrived on our shores seeking freedom to worship the God of heaven. Have we given thanks that we can attend the church of our choice?

Thanksgiving, to many people, means a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. It’s one of the few times we busy Americans make time to get together with family. However, eternity waits just around the corner. Let’s remember the benefits we still have and thank the God of heaven for them.

What are you thankful for? Don't forget to comment below.


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