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About Me

I am a wife and mom who also happens to be an English teacher and a newspaper columnist. And, I am the daughter of one of those armchair wits.


During my childhood, as we sat around the supper table—we were country people who called it supper—our dad told funny stories about things that happened to him that day.


And, often he punctuated them with comments about human nature. It is in tribute to those wonderful insights that I offer this blog, which may make you chuckle and say, “Been there; done that.”

"A gifted writer with a great sense of humor."

- Bryan Jones, Editor of Leader-Statesman 

* Columnist of “Across My Kitchen Table” for Versailles, Missouri Leader-Statesman, and The Kaleidoscope Weekly

* Writer/Interviewer for a magazine in Jefferson City, MO


* Authored articles for Lightnin’ Ridge Outdoor Journal, Farm and Ranch Living, and other publications


* Wrote and produced two music CDs.


* Served as contributing author to children’s devotional book, publication pending


* Survived raising a family—with mind still intact

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