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About Me

I have worn many hats while passing through stages of life--English teacher, wife, mom, newspaper columnist, and now, published author.

When asked what I write about, a good answer usually is, “How God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary tasks.”

My goal in creative writing is to provide practical common sense and good, solid values to a culture gasping for breath. Sometimes these Thursday blog posts are spliced with a little humor because, according to Mary Poppins, “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” 

"A gifted writer with a great sense of humor."

- Bryan Jones, Editor of Leader-Statesman


*Author of How to Pastor and Live to Tell About It, c. 2023

You can buy my book here: How to Pastor and Live to Tell About It: Lessons from Nehemiah: Sarver, Roberta: 9781955309400: Books

* Contributing Author for Radical Abundance: More Than All  We Can Ask or Imagine, c. 2022


* Authored articles for Lightnin’ Ridge Outdoor Journal, Farm and Ranch Living, and other publications


* Wrote and produced two music CDs.

* Survived raising a family—with mind still intact

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