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Who Knew?

COVER REVEAL! I’m excited to show you a preview of my new book, due to be published soon. Stay tuned for more information in the coming days. Below is the unique story of the cover design.

* * *

Two weeks ago, I posted about being a young person who had a wonderful mentor. Today I would like to relate an unusual blessing from being a mentor.

In the 1980s, my pastor-husband, visited the men’s dorm at a nearby college and invited students to a Bible study. Several attended, formed a group, and as a result, also attended our small church. Rewarding relationships followed as we invested time and saw growth in the lives of new believers.

One young man whom we’ll call Mark, was more than ready to give up his sinful ways and follow God no matter the cost. The change was remarkable (pun intended). Our family took a special interest in this earnest young Christian, and over time, developed a parent-son relationship with him. We spent many hours around our dinner table. He even got down on the floor with our children and entertained them by drawing pictures.

A few years later, I visited one of my Bible college professors who, along with his wife had mentored me, and I mentioned the promising young artist. Interestingly, Mark had given up his major in art so he wouldn’t have to draw nude figures. His shift to graphic design was in God’s plan, though no one could have dreamed the far-reaching effects of that decision.

My college professor knew that the publishing arm of his organization needed a graphic designer. As a result, the man who once mentored me, contacted Mark. The young artist was hired to design publications that traveled around the world—even to Olympic events.

The blessing didn’t stop there. Mark’s work caused him to establish a connection with an executive at a large Christian publishing house, who later hired Mark to design a book.

Fast forward several decades from our family’s first contact with the young artist. Mark now was married, had a daughter in college, and still did graphic design. I, in turn, had compiled a book of practical advice for ministers based on the experiences of eighteen pastors, and I needed a designer for the cover. I’ll contact Mark! I thought.

This is where the saga became interesting. In designing the cover, Mark remembered some artwork owned by his old friend from the major publishing house. Could he use it? An email, a phone call and word-of-mouth recommendation resulted in permission to use the copyrighted artwork.

A young man chose to leave behind his dream and pursue God’s plan for his life instead. And by doing so, he blessed more people than can be counted. All because believers invested time and energy into mentoring young people.

A wise person once wrote, “Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days” (Ecclesiastes 11:1).

Have you ever mentored someone and received a blessing? Tell us about it below.

* * *


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