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When You Forget to Make Your Credit Card Payment

Cousin Rufus is resting today. We hope you enjoy this humorous letter in place of Rufus's musings.

Mr. S. Ken Flint

Fabulous Credit Card Company

Anytown, USA

Dear Mr. Flint:

I am writing to explain to you why my credit card payment was late last month. I am hoping, also, you will change your mind about increasing my interest rate. There is a perfectly logical explanation, as you will see.

It all started when I broke my leg skiing in Colorado. Things went downhill from there (no pun intended). On the plane coming home, the male flight attendant didn’t mean to trip over the cast on my leg. Drinks flew everywhere and I guess I got a little excited, and so did the passenger across the aisle; he slugged the flight attendant.

A fight broke out and the only way I could stop it was to open fire on the two with the fire extinguisher. A federal marshall happened to be on board, and honestly, Mr. Flint, it was a little overkill to take us to jail. I think if the lady behind me hadn’t turned blue with a heart attack, things would have turned out differently.

When I got out of jail, I had no way home, and walking ten miles with a cast was pretty hard. My friend Belinda drove me home, but I had no way to pay her for gas. As payment, I gave her my best sneakers, and I had to wear my old, falling-apart flip-flops.

Long story short: while walking into a grocery store, I tripped over my crutches and fell on an elderly lady and her service dog. She is suing me for damages. Personally, I didn’t think she needed that ride in the ambulance. Perhaps you could raise my credit limit so I can pay my lawyer.

So you see, in all this excitement I forgot to send my payment. I will do better in the future, and look forward to your reply, which hopefully includes a lower interest rate.


I. Emma Klutz

Any comments? Would you prefer this kind of blog post to Cousin Rufus letters? Feel free to add your thoughts below.



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