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Mother's Day Letter to My Son

Dear Son,

You enjoy unconventional things, right? Well, this Mother’s Day I’m sending a greeting to you.

You know that education is important. I thought you might like to know what your teacher-mother learned from you, since you were the prototype for the rest of the litter. (See what I did there? Mixed metaphor.)

  • Do you remember your first day of school? I packed you a lunch big enough to feed a lumberjack. I learned that moms' hearts beat a little faster when they try to prepare kids for life. Moms also wonder if they did their best to prepare that impressionable child to survive the big world out there.

You may have learned that your mom loved you so much she sometimes showed it in funny ways.

  • Recall the time when we got Sandy, your first puppy? She kept me awake the first several nights, howling for her mom and siblings. I learned that moms sometimes sacrifice to provide their children with things they think they need.

You eventually learned that having a pet meant responsibility.

  • Remember when you got your first car and wanted to impress your friends at camp? You backed over a tire full of flowers and they laughed. I learned that kids trying to appear cool in front of their friends, sometimes do stupid things. That elicits compassion, because we did our share of stupid things, too.

You learned that Mom and Dad can overlook things that are part of life education.

  • Do you remember when you were little and used to say “blanna” instead of banana? I learned that children are unique and loveable just as they are.

You learned that it doesn’t hurt to not be in lockstep with those around you. And that kids often grow up at different rates than described by the books.

  • Recall when the dentist clipped under your tongue so you could talk plainly? I learned that it hurts to see your kids experience painful things.

You learned that life is painful at times, but hang in there, because it will get better.

  • Remember when that cute little girl in your first-grade class told you that your granola bar looked like bird seed? You wouldn’t eat them after that. I learned that kids would rather take cues from their friends than from their parents. That was a hard one for me, because up to that point you thought I was smart.

You experienced your first lesson in peer pressure. It hurt me more than it did you.

  • And lastly, remember when at age sixteen, you thought you could wrestle and overcome Dad? Instead, he overcame and dragged you through a wet spot on the floor. I learned that children grow up faster than the speed of light, and parents have to keep on their toes to accommodate that.

You learned (I hope) that just because a person has a grown-up body doesn’t mean he’s ready to take on the world.

Those are my thoughts this Mother’s Day. Raising you was a real adventure, and somehow, we all survived. I pray for you every day because you not only grew under my heart, but in it.



How about you? Any thoughts on raising children? Tell us your thoughts below.


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