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Learning from the Experience of others

In this blog you can read about ordinary people whom God uses to accomplish extraordinary tasks. Today I’d like to tell you why the book pictured below would be a helpful resource for some of those people⸺ pastors and church leaders.

A recent letter from a missions organization emphasized an important truth:

“In an emergency situation you will not rise to the occasion, but you will sink to the level of your preparation.”

The writer referred to flying an airplane, yet it applies to the work of ministers as well.

How can church leaders be prepared?

After years of study and exams, our seminaries and Bible colleges send out ministerial students with fresh diplomas to hang on their office walls. But as soon as the ink dries on their diplomas, those graduates encounter unusual situations that come with drastic shifts in our culture. Classes in pastoral ministries can’t possibly cover all the intricate challenges a minister will face. And the result is a high burnout rate among the clergy. We experienced it ourselves.

When my husband began pastoring many years ago, he and I received the most help when sitting across our kitchen table from seasoned ministers and evangelists, discussing ways to handle leadership challenges. Their sage advice aided in rescuing situations from disaster. For that reason, the book you see above was written in a conversational tone rather than a formal one. It’s like sitting down with older ministers and receiving practical advice.

The mentorship approach is even more vital in our day than it was years ago. We never know what bizarre news may await us when we wake up each morning. Jesus had predictions about end-time events, and told us what to expect. In Matthew 24:10 and 12, He predicted, “And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another…And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.”

Being offended is the new social obsession. If you’re not offended, our culture says you need to be. Unfortunately, that has leached into the church.

Preparation is so vital. Soldiers practice combat situations so they will be prepared in times of battle. Law enforcement recruits endure stressful training so that when real emergencies occur, they know what actions to take. They study the actions of experienced people in their field so they can respond accordingly.

That’s where the book How to Pastor and Live to Tell About It proves its worth. The pages are full of counsel from eighteen seasoned ministers who describe common (and not-so-common) situations that occur in church leadership. Alongside their practical advice comes a study on the biblical groundbreaker Nehemiah, who modeled a unique leadership style.

This book could be one of the best investments of the year for your pastor. Emergencies in the fold can occur without warning. The wise leader will be prepared.

You can order the book on Amazon 195530940X or IngramSpark 9781955309448. You can also see reviews on the Amazon book page.

Your turn. What are your thoughts on ministerial preparation? Use the comment box below and tell us.


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