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Gift Your Pastor for Appreciation Month

October is Pastor Appreciation month.

Most church-attenders never learn the details involved in carrying burdens for the souls of a congregation. How to Pastor and Live to Tell Above It: Lessons from Nehemiah pulls back the curtain and gives a glimpse into the fascinating, yet challenging work of God's modern-day servants.

For those wishing to encourage and say "Thank you" to their pastor, this book would make a most helpful gift.

While compiling this manuscript, I asked ministers about their experiences in leadership that compared to Nehemiah’s-- difficult situations they faced and survived with wisdom from God. Their responses were heartfelt, enlightening, and inspirational.

Those already in ministry will benefit from the practical advice these pastors shared, the joys and sorrows of their occupation. And for those teetering on the edge of Bible college or seminary nest, these wise words may save them from the pitfalls that ministers eventually face.

You can buy the book as an appreciation gift for your hard-wording pastor or give it to a ministerial student. It’s at: How to Pastor and Live to Tell About It: Lessons from Nehemiah: Sarver, Roberta: 9781955309400: Books

Here is what others say in Amazon reviews:

"I highly recommend this book. I have both wept and rejoiced as I read this page turner." - J. Stevan Manley

"A helpful, engaging resource." - Pastor G.E. Hobelman

"...combines biblical principles with real-life examples in a memorable way."

- Pastor Randall McElwain

"A 'must read' for one new in ministry or with many years of experience." - Pastor Alan K. Walter.

Interested? Order this month and receive a $3 discount in honor of pastors.

What about you? Any words of thanks for your pastor? Tell us in the comment box below.


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