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Fairy Tale Marriage Proposals Still Exist

What you are about to read is the true story of a fairy tale marriage proposal involving people we know. Names and places have been changed to protect the guilty.

If awards were given for unique marriage proposals, Jay would win first prize.

A trip to an exotic city? A treasure hunt? Six months of creative planning? The result was a dream-like experience for his ladylove, Mona.

Here is the way Jay told it to me.

On my girlfriend’s birthday I said to her, “Pack your suitcase. We’re going on a trip.” Secretly, I arranged for her mom, sister, and a few close friends to meet us in Italy for an engagement treasure hunt.

Arriving in Italy, a surprised Mona was greeted by her mom and sister while I trailed behind, chuckling at her astonishment.

“Hey, Mona,” her sister said after the initial shock, “we have an appointment at a spa for your birthday. C’mon!” And they whisked her away.

“While you all are enjoying a relaxing afternoon, I may go to the hotel for a nap,” I yawned. It wasn’t hard to show exhaustion after the long plane ride.

Now that they were gone, I had lots of work to do.

Hurriedly, I rented a tuxedo, picked up fresh flowers, and delivered the first treasure hunt box to the waitress where we would dine that evening. Then I met with the manager of the final proposal spot to finalize details.

So far, I was on schedule.

Next, I arrived at the concierge office and dropped off several small, handmade leather-wrapped treasure boxes. These would be picked up later by key players.

I arrived back at the hotel in time to catch my breath.

“We’re back!” Mona breathed, as she opened the door where I was waiting. She looked relaxed and rested—just as I hoped she would. As for me, I was a little nervous, hoping the evening would go without a glitch.

“Here is a special dress for you to wear to dinner,” I said, pulling it out of my suitcase. It fit, of course, thanks to earlier clandestine help from her two best friends. The bright red color accentuated her glowing complexion.

Arriving at the restaurant on cue, we barely had ordered when some of Mona’s close friends began arriving, leaving her aghast they would come that far to celebrate her birthday.

After dinner, her friends made excuses to leave. They would be picking up treasure boxes which held clues to various locations around the city.

When Mona and I were the only ones left at our table, the waitress appeared on cue. She handed Mona a small box.

“What’s this?” asked my puzzled girlfriend.

“Open it and find out,” I grinned.

“You’re going on a treasure hunt,” I explained. This is your first clue. When you get to the place it leads, there will be another one. Each is within walking distance here in the city.”

Mona didn’t know this, but I had hired a professional photographer to follow her, discreetly taking photos all evening.

“What?” she said, when her sister handed her the first box at its location. “How did that guy think up this?” Each time she found a clue, her face registered delight.

I had written a love letter to Mona and divided it into paragraphs, one to each box. I also included roses, as well as photos and mementos of our special moments together. Then, I included a clue to the next box.

While my girlfriend was busy being awed, I dashed to the hotel to change into my tux. I knew she was in good hands; her family and friends had instructions to follow her for the rest of the treasure hunt.

I remembered Mona had wanted me to sing to her in the “someday” that I proposed. In preparation for this, several weeks prior I had gone to a studio and made a professional recording of me singing a love song as a gift to the love of my life.

The posh restaurant I reserved was more than elegant. On the 65th floor a private, glass-enclosed balcony offered a view of the glittering city below. I waited there, nervously blowing warm air into my cupped hands, a habit of mine.

Finally, the manager spotted the arrival of Mona, accompanied by her friends and family. When they were within earshot, he started the pre-recorded music.

As my dreamy love song played in the background and the others stayed a respectful distance, I dropped to one knee and asked the love of my life to marry me.

It was a night we will never forget. Everything had gone as planned. As for Mona? Well, she was impressed!


Postscript by the armchair wit: My marriage proposal paled in comparison. Perhaps yours wasn't so elaborate either. Mine occurred on a country gravel road, at a stop sign, in the middle of the day.

Jay’s male friends read an account of his meticulously planned marriage proposal. Their reactions: “Thanks. Our wives read this too, and you didn’t gain any points for us.

What about you? What is your engagement story? We would enjoy reading about it in the box below.


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