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Cousin Rufus Thinks About Christmas

Dear Cousin Cletus,

Looks like Christmas is on the way again. They put up colored lights in front of the pool hall and Lem’s Gen’ral Store.

Ah decided to do somethin’ special this year for ol’ Bozo, mah hound. Ah wuz drivin’ by Otis’s Butcher Shop the other day an’ he wuz makin’ sausages. So ah tole Otis ah’d trade him a load o’ fahrwood if he’d give me enough sausage to last a couple months. “Hit’s a deal!” he said. And come Christmas, Bozo gits his very own pack o’ sausage.

Cletus, they’s talk at the Gen’ral Store that people in the big city wants to do away with Christmas. Is that true? Cause how they gonna cancel somethin’ whut already happened 2,000 years ago? Don't they know thet was the best gift God ever gave us? Too much eddycation done burnt out they brains, ah guess.

This letter ain’t gonna be long today, cause ah tole Otis ah’d bring his fahrwood by this afternoon. So it’s time to git out and load the ol’ Studebaker 'fore the snow hits again.

Ah’m glad folks here in the holler still remembers where Christmas came from in the first place. Wouldn’t want to live nowhere else right now.

Your cuz,



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