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Cousin Rufus at a Weddin'

We all could use a little humor to lighten things these days. I thought you might enjoy Cousin Rufus's reaction to a wedding outside the holler.

Dear Cousin Cletus,

Well, I done it again, left the holler fer the second time this year. If this keeps up yer gonna hafta call me a real jet setter.

I went to mah grandson’s weddin and what a shindig it was! They do things different than they used to, so I thought ya might like to hear ‘bout it.

It took place outdoors. I found out they don’t play traditional songs no more. When the bride walked down the aisle, some country western guy was croonin’ a song I ain’t never heerd before. You wouldn’t believe the music at the reception neither. It about busted out mah earballs. Sounded like the natives was restless, with them drums a thumpin.

I think the economy must be bad outside the holler, cause most of the women wore what looked like their little girls' dresses. There was hardly enough material to wad a shotgun in most of 'em. But folks wuz good not to laugh at 'em.

Ya oughta see the food them rich folks served at the weddin. Food I didn’t even know whut it wuz. Somethin like fill-a-men-yawn. Only I weren’t yawnin’.

Them that stayed 'round after the meal was real entertainin. Member when me and Maude used to glide around the room to waltz music when we was young? They don’t do thet no more. Them young folks probly wore out their clothes from the inside, the way they wuz jumpin round. What with the music so loud, I spect they'll all be deaf in a year or two.

They don’t throw rice no more either, Cletus. When the bride an groom left, they lit Fourth of Joo-ly sparklers! It wuz right purty.

Well, I enjoyed myself at the weddin, in spite o’ diff’rent ways a doin things. But I’m always glad to git back to the holler, where normal folks live. Y’all come see us sometime. We’ll go to Lem’s Gen’ral Store and git us a orange sodee pop.

Yore Cuz,


What about you? Any reactions to weddings you've attended? Tell us what you think in the comment box below.


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