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Copy of God's Special Agents

Today’s guest post by Pastor Grant Bryan. is a heartwarming account of compassion, gifted from a surprise emissary--his special needs child.

2 Samuel_9:13. “So Mephibosheth… did eat continually at the king's table; and was lame on both his feet.”

The house stood dark and still for several days.

My wife and I had watched our neighbor with concern, this lonely, crippled old man who didn’t have many friends or family and who was prone to severe depression.

After a couple days of no activity, I said to my wife, “Leah, I’m concerned about Dan, I’m going over there to check on him.

As a minister I had often prayed with this man and attempted to cheer him. It was a sometimes draining and time-consuming ordeal, and seldom brought a lasting change in his condition.

Sarina overheard me.

Sarina, our semi-verbal handicapped daughter, is difficult to understand, and often socially awkward. Upon hearing that I was going to see Dan, she hurried in her shuffling way to get her jacket, stuffed owl, and radio (a broken CB turned into a toy).

She stood ready at our front door, when I reluctantly said, “Ok, I guess you can go.”

I was thinking of the distraction she would be... the added responsibility...the frustration of keeping her on track in a social interaction... the possibility of stepping into a bad situation and how I would handle it with her… but her eagerness persuaded me.

We made our way over, and soon were standing at the front door.

After our light knock, the door opened into a gloomy interior. There stood Dan, a very disheveled, sad-looking little man. One look at him and my heart sank. I could tell he was battling depression again, and perhaps losing.

There was a quiet and slightly awkward “hello” from him. Suddenly a shout sounded beside me as Sarina unexpectedly exclaimed, “DAN”! We both froze in surprise. The unbridled excitement in her expression was unmistakable.

Abruptly, Sarina shouldered past the partially opened screen door, and promptly threw her tiny arms around his crippled shoulder. “You my faaavorite Dan!” she exclaimed in her broken ability.

Without warning, it seemed the sun dawned into that gloomy room. The atmosphere shifted; a warm smile spread across Dan’s haggard face, and a light began to shine in his eyes.

My special-needs child stood there breaking protocol, holding onto a dejected old man with all her heart. It changed his life… and mine too.

It was the love of God, seeking a worthy vessel to be poured through.

A love that all his past hurts and disappointments could never fully deny.

A love that my diplomas and professionalism could never fully convey.

God sees “special needs” as “special minister” and these special agents can reach into hearts where others could never touch.

What about you? Any experiences with special needs children that you would like to share? Don't forget to comment in the box below.


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