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Angels on Interstate 80

Christmas is the time we think of angels. They announced the birth of Christ to a wondering world. But have you ever experienced angelic interception personally?

As a family we experienced times God sent angels to aid us in dangerous situations. One of the most miraculous occurred when we traveled from Pennsylvania to Ohio in a minivan with our large family.

Interstate 80 was the fastest way to travel to a special event featuring friends of ours. When we left Pennsylvania at rush hour on a Friday, the highway was congested. Drivers rushed home from work; families in motorhomes hurried to weekend destinations; tractor trailers added to the atmosphere of a high-speed racetrack.

My husband concentrated on keeping up with the traffic flow when we heard a strange noise. Checking his rear-view mirror, he sputtered, “The rear axle and tire just dropped off!” Open-mouthed, I checked the mirror on my side. The entire wheel apparatus really was erratically bouncing down the highway behind us! And we probably provided a shower of sparks as the back of our van dropped and skidded on the road.

We knew we had to get off the interstate quickly, expecting to swerve crazily into traffic and perhaps cause a multi-vehicle crash. Normally, cars without rear brakes are impossible to control. To our amazement, my husband was able to slow down from highway speed, gently glide the van to the side of the highway and stop, as if he had complete control. It was as though an angel had given us temporary brakes. That was the first miracle.

Even more amazing as we looked behind us, vehicles swerved and dodged the wheel assembly while traveling at high speeds. Finally, the axle and tire landed exactly parallel on the center line, between the two lanes of traffic. Miracle number two.

I glanced back to see which of our children was sitting in the back, left corner—sure that whoever it was, would be crushed by a motorhome or tractor-trailer approaching fast behind us.

It never happened. Miracle number three.

We sat there astonished. But the danger wasn’t over. Scrambling out of the car, our family watched incredulously as my husband ran back and rolled the axle and wheel off the road and avoided being hit by rush-hour traffic. Miracle number four.

The mechanic who towed our car told us we shouldn’t have lived through that incident. We are convinced God does perform modern-day miracles; we are living proof. Perhaps in heaven we will get to meet the angels who performed four miracles that day.

What about you? Ever witness a miracle? You can comment in the box below.


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