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Angels on Interstate 80

As a family we have experienced times when we felt God sent angels to rescue us. One of the most memorable occurred when we traveled from Pennsylvania to Ohio in a minivan.

Interstate 80 was the fastest way to travel. Since we left Pennsylvania near rush hour on a Friday afternoon, however, we found the highway congested with motorists going home from work and families in motorhomes traveling to weekend getaways. It even looked like more than the usual number of tractor-trailers on the road.

Keeping up with the traffic flow, my husband concentrated on his driving when we heard an unusual noise. He looked in the rearview mirror and his jaw dropped. "We just lost our axle!" he blurted. We watched open-mouthed as indeed, our rear axle and tire went bouncing down the interstate behind us!

I glanced back to see which of our children was sitting in the back, left corner of the van, knowing they probably would be crushed by a motorhome or tractor-trailer coming up fast behind us. I mentally prepared for a huge accident. Instead, something kept all those vehicles from crashing into us.

Normally a car or van without brakes will swerve out of control. That didn't happen. My husband gently glided the van to the side of the road and stopped, as if he had complete control. It was like an angel took over when man's efforts failed.

On the heels of the first encounter, the next amazing thing happened. Vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed swerved and dodged as the axle and wheel assembly bounced down the interstate. Then the apparatus stopped exactly on the center line. There were no injuries, no crashes. It sat there in the safest place possible, outside of the ditch.

Astonished, my husband scrambled out of the van, ran back and rolled the axle and wheel assembly off the road without being hit by rush-hour traffic. It happened so fast we could hardly believe all we were seeing.

Does God still do miracles today? The mechanic who towed our van looked over the scene and told us we shouldn't have lived through that incident. We're glad we proved him wrong. And I don't think anyone could have convinced us that day that angels don't exist to help God's people.


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