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Cousin Rufus on the Economy

We hear a lot about the economy in the news now. I thought it would be fun to rework a former post about life in the big city seen through the eyes of a mountain man.

Dear Cousin Cletus,

Hope this finds you doin’ good. Me and ol’ Spot are doin’ right well, considerin’ the visits we git from the Ritis brothers. Arthur is the worst.

I finally took me a visit to town last week, to whut they call civilization. Makes me wonder why they call it civilization, when it looks more like the pitures we see in National Geographic magazine.

Cletus, I think the economy must be purty bad outside the holler. I guess there’s a shortage of cloth, cause I seen grown wimmen paradin’ around in little girls’ dresses. Some even wears shirts with holes in ‘em, right on the shoulders. Maybe the moths were bad this year. Poor things. My Maudie, bless her dear departed soul, used ta sleep in more clothes than whut I seen out on the street. I guess the mamas in the big city is too busy laborin’ over the scrub board to tell the girls whut’s proper an’ all.

You oughta see the hairstyles out there, Cletus! I think the economy must be bad on the young men, cause they’s usin’ lard or somethin’ to make their hair stand straight up. No foolin’! I even seen a couple men with bobs on top of their heads, like Mama used to wear.

Hard times must have fell on a lot of folks outside the holler, but they made a way to entertain theyselves. They draw pitures all over their bodies. Really! Even some wimmen is drawin’ flowers and words on their skin. Makes me wonder how many Sharpies it took to finish the job. I guess when yer that poor, you gotta do somethin’ to cheer yourself up.

Well, it’s time to git this letter up to Clem’s General Store and git it posted. Maybe while I’m there I’ll splurge and git me a bottle o’ orange sodee pop. The economy seems all right here in the holler, where folks is normal. Y’all come visit sometime.

Your Cuz,


How about you? Any comments on life in the big city? On the economy? Tell us in the box below.

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