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Family Game Night

I thought you might enjoy this reprint of a newspaper column that was published in 2015.

Do you know how humiliating it is for a former English teacher to be trounced at word games by her children? I’m the one who edited their college term papers! But it happened last Christmas.

We were having fun with our kids while they were home from college. I enjoyed cooking big meals again. And then, when we all tired of putting puzzles together, our daughter got the brilliant idea of playing a word game like Scrabble.

I should have known better; it’s happened in the past. While my kids were composing intricate words like indigo, scenery and anal --you have to excuse the nurse in our family—even words like pewter and elevator rolled out of their brains.

Meanwhile, I was on the other side of the table, sweating words like run, if and colt. I’m not kidding.

Am I the only person who flounders at word games? I’ve tried convincing my family it’s due to a deep, thoughtful mind contemplating various word combinations. You should see the eye rolling.

It doesn’t help to play outdoor sports, either. When I throw a softball it goes plop! about ten feet short of the pitcher’s mound. And my volleyball skills make me look spastic.

So, what does one do when her family gloats over their triumph?

Just count me a spectator. I will cruise through the dining room, glance at the competition going on—and find a book to read.

Or, I just may try puzzles again, if I could break my husband's annoying habit. He slips the last piece into his pocket early on, then triumphantly snaps it into place while we’re all down on the floor, searching for it.

Yes, I do enjoy family game night, with the exception of a few times. Call me a killjoy; just don’t call me to play Scrabble.

How about you? Anything you refuse to do? Join the conversation below.

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