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Grandchildren Mania

Someone once said, “Kids are like sponges. They absorb all your strength and leave you limp. But give ‘em a squeeze and you get it all back.”

Maybe we didn’t squeeze our grandchildren’s enough on a visit one spring. We couldn't shake the exhaustion.

It began when two of our out-of-state grandchildren spent five days with us without parents or TV. We tried to keep them entertained in various ways. Our son took them fishing. Our daughter took them mini-golfing and swimming. They came back sunburned and it was the only time I’ve seen our granddaughter so tired she quit talking nonstop.

The next day they were back in fine form, full of energy and eager to run, climb, jump, skip and ask a thousand questions.

We had an Easter egg hunt for them in our yard. They played with the dogs and named our retarded cat. We walked on a country road and picked up pretty rocks.

I taught our young granddaughter to pick out songs on the piano. She drew pictures to cover our freezer.

We took them to a farm for pony rides. They swung in the haymow. Still, their high energy level prevailed.

They held newborn puppies. They kicked around dandelion puffs in the front yard.

They watched bullfrogs plop into our pond. We had a rock-throwing contest down at the creek.

All this, and I’m left thinking—how in the world do parents fill their children’s time nowadays?

I think I know who may have invented computer games. It must have been an overwrought grandparent, desperate for a little time to himself. Perhaps Cub Scouts was dreamed up by someone’s parent, wanting a few hours of peace. Did 4-H club get invented because someone’s mother was at the point of a nervous breakdown?

I’m not sure, but in spite of their high energy level, we love our grandchildren dearly. We’re even looking forward to their next visit. Do you suppose energy drinks would help?

Any thoughts on grandchildren? Feel free to comment below.

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