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Birthday Thoughts

Tomorrow is a special day--the birthday of one of our daughters. I thought you might like to peek over my shoulder as I write these special thoughts in her card.

To the birthday girl: It became apparent early on that you were going to be a person with strong drive. In fact, I used to jokingly say that you were born smoking a cigar and telling the doctor to put you right back where you came from where it was warmer.

That word picture was the best way I knew to illustrate that you were possessed with a desire to overcome any obstacle, no matter what it took. And that has carried you far. It took a lot of grit to leap from homeschool to nursing school to hospital protocol (and especially that of nurses, who can be really snarky at times). Yet you did it! And you did it gracefully. You show a genuine concern for your patients which hasn’t gone unnoticed. Even grumpy old men seem to like you.

So, what do we appreciate about you? You aren’t afraid to push yourself to accomplish a goal. You’re loyal to those you love (which sometimes gets you into trouble when those people aren’t worthy of your adulation). You aren’t afraid to try new things. You can be sarcastic (takes one to know one).

Dad says you’re brutally honest at times. (Well, somebody needs to say those things, right?) He also says you value close friendships, and even though you can be so blunt at times that a person has to blink twice and swallow hard, you also can be sensitive to the hurts of others. Underneath all the extreme honesty, you have a caring, compassionate heart. And I think that’s what has made you such a good nurse and a friend to your friends.

Happy birthday to our youngest daughter, the one who had us re-thinking all the things we read in child-rearing books. You have been an adventure!


Mom and Dad

What about you? Feel free to pen your birthday wishes in the comment section below.

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