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Canine Messages

Imagine how much fun dogs could have if they had thumbs; they could text! Here is how a message might look if our favorite canine contacted his friend, Maggie.

Dear Maggie,

Hi again. Nice to hear from you. My humans were away from home for a week and I had to stay with some old people I didn't know very well till a few days ago. But I managed to mark the tree outside their door, so all the stray dogs know I'm here.

Life with these people was a little different than what I'm used to at home. This family didn't let me get on their furniture . Some humans get kind of picky don't they? But the lady of the house took me out for walks down their lane, and that kept me from getting bored.

Do your humans ever make you do dumb things? My humans make me wear a silly jacket when I go outside in the winter. It's humiliating, especially when I have to be around the lady dogs outside our house. But I go over to them and say hi anyway. Here is a picture of what I look like in my jacket.

Here is another picture of me taking a walk with my humans' grand-dog, Diesel. He may be almost the size of a Shetland pony, but that doesn't keep me from trying to take the lead on nature walks. Gotta show him who's boss sometimes.

I will look for another text whenever your humans go to sleep, and you can sneak to their cell phones.



Dear Ralphie,

I was happy to get your text. Yes, my humans like to dress me up in clothes, especially my humans' granddaughter, Samantha. Here is a picture of what she did to me just last week. She even put a flower in my hair! I don't mind too much because it makes her happy. I do like to make my humans happy.

Do your humans ever fall asleep with you? Here's a picture of me and my human when he fell asleep in his chair one day. Poor man works hard so I've trained him to take me up into his chair so I can cuddle with him when he comes home. With his phone in one hand and me on the other, he can cope with whatever makes those creases in his brow.

Sometimes I'm glad I'm not a human. They do spend a lot of time looking at their phones, don't they?

I like to do tricks to entertain my humans; it seems to make them smile. And when they smile they give me treats. I taught them that. They were pretty intelligent and picked it up after just a few sessions.

When my humans' grandkids come over they comb my hair and play with me all day. By evening time I'm worn out, as you can see by this last picture. Life is good, with my humans and my toys and treats.

Love, Maggie

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