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An Engaging Proposal

If someone could win awards for unique marriage proposals, one of my sons would qualify.

Here is the account, in his own words.

The planning started about six months prior to the actual event. On my girlfriend’s birthday, I said to her, “Pack your suitcase; we’re going on a trip.” Unknown to her, I had arranged for her mom, her sister and a few of her close friends to fly to a famous city in America. They would be part of the proposal surprise, a “treasure hunt.”

Once we arrived in this tourist city, we were greeted by my girlfriend’s sister and mother. What a surprise! They whisked her away for a spa date, which gave me the excuse of going to take a nap at the hotel. But I had work to do instead.

I hurriedly rented a tuxedo, picked up fresh flowers, and gave the first treasure hunt box to the waitress at the first location. Then I met with the manager of the final proposal spot to finalize details.

Next I arrived at the concierge office and dropped off each handmade leather- wrapped treasure box, containing mementos, roses, and pictures of our special moments together. They would be picked up later by key players.

Once my girlfriend and her mother/sister were finished at the spa,my lady love put on a special dress and we “went out to eat”. While we were at the restaurant, her close friends began showing up one by one, surprising her under the guise of being there to celebrate her birthday.

Unknown to her, a professional photographer was discreetly following her around, capturing these exciting moments on camera.

Each person there made an excuse to leave (go to the bathroom, make a phone call) and picked up the treasure boxes, making their way to predetermined locations until it was just my girlfriend and I left sitting there. At that point, the waitress came out with a small wooden box, containing the first clue for the treasure hunt.

As soon as my girlfriend left to find the second clue, I excused myself to change into a tux and made my way to the final location. The photographer followed my girlfriend to each clue, where a family member or close friend was holding a box.

Weeks before the surprise, I had gone to a recording studio and recorded a love song, sung by me, especially for her.

When my girlfriend and her entourage arrived at the restaurant, which was on the 65th floor overlooking the city, there I stood on a private, glass-enclosed balcony, open only for the proposal party. The love song began playing while friends/family stood at a distance watching. I got down on one knee and asked the love of my life to marry me. She was impressed.


Added note from Mom:

When our son’s male friends saw the pictures, they commented dryly, “Thanks, Sarver; our wives saw this and you didn’t gain US any points.”

To that I would reply, “Hindsight is a great thing.”


So, you didn’t propose in a unique way? Now is your chance to redeem yourself.

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P.S. Don't forget the flowers and the chocolate.

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