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Rescued by Angels

As a family we experienced times when we felt God sent angels to intervene on our behalf. One of the most miraculous occurred when we traveled from Pennsylvania to Ohio with our large family in a minivan.

Interstate 80 was the fastest way to go. Unfortunately, we left Pennsylvania around rush hour on a Friday afternoon. Motorists hurried home from work, clogging the highway. Families in motorhomes sped by enroute to weekend destinations. Tractor-trailers barreled past, shaking our van.

Keeping up with the traffic flow, my husband concentrated on driving when we heard a strange noise. One look in rearview mirrors confirmed our dread. Our rear axle and tire had flown off! We were stunned to see it bounce down the highway behind us.

Normally a vehicle swerves crazily without back brakes. To our amazement, however, my husband was able to slow down, gently glide the van to the side of the highway and stop. It was as if he had complete control.

I looked back to see which of our children was sitting in the back, left corner—sure that they would be crushed by a motorhome or tractor-trailer coming up fast behind and swerving to miss us. It never happened.

It was as if an angel guided our vehicle off the road onto a safe place.

Even more amazing was the final destination of the axle and attached tire. Vehicles swerved and dodged, as the whole apparatus bounced crazily, then stopped several yards away, exactly on the center line between two lanes of traffic.

Scrambling out of the car, we stared in disbelief as my husband ran back and rolled the axle apparatus off the road without being hit by rush-hour traffic.

Does God still do miracles today? The mechanic who towed our car told us we shouldn’t have lived through that incident. God DOES do modern-day miracles. We are living proof.

What about you? Did you ever have times when you were rescued by angels? Telll us about it in the comment box below.


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