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Old Maxims, New Twists

You’ve heard maxims most of your life. Someone may have said to you, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat,” or, “You can’t cry over spilt milk.”

Did you ever think about the number of maxims we hear every day? I didn’t either, until I began researching the more familiar ones.

Here are a few you’ve probably heard-- with new thoughts to tease your brain.

A stitch in time…makes you late for work.

You can’t light a candle…if you work at a fireworks factory.

A bird in the hand…can be pretty messy.

Never criticize someone until…you can run faster than he can.

Look before you…cross the street while texting.

He who laughs last…didn’t get the joke.

Together we stand, divided…I run.

A woman’s work is…something you’d better not complain about.

Ignorance is…another name for the guy working next to me.

You can’t have your cake…if you told anyone you’re on a diet.

Many hands make…messes.

Good fences make good…jumping places for children.

All roads lead to…a construction zone when you’re late for work.

All that glitters is…probably fake if I own it.

All is fair in…your imagination only.

He made his bed…mark this day on the calendar.

I’d better stop right here. After all, who wants to “beat a dead horse”?

What about you? Any maxims you can add to the list? You can use the comment box below.


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