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Cousin Rufus Discovers Goo-Gaws

Dear Cousin Cletus,

Happy new year to you an’ the missus. Ain’t we glad to see 2020 gone! It reminds me of the years Granddaddy tole us he lived through, the Great Depression.

Ah spent Christmas with mah grandson and his wife outside the holler, and thet’s why ah didn’t write you a letter last week. An’ ah learnt a few thangs more ‘bout city livin’.

Ah learnt, first, thet city folks likes to have gadgets around. Granddaddy used to call ‘em goo-gaws-- trinkets fer show. Now, you might not b’lieve this, but mah grandson has a goo-gaw outside his front door. It’s a little camera in the doorbell and It shows ‘em when somebody is outside. Cain’t figger out why folks need to take pitchers of people at the door unless they’s afraid of somethin’ getting stole.

Inside the house they got more, goo-gaws. They got a camera on top o’ the kitchen cabinets. It shows whut people is doin’ in the livin’ room an’ kitchen. You’d think a body wouldn’t want ever’thang they did on camera, Cletus. Whut if you had to scratch in a funny place?

They got this goo-gaw whut turns on the lights when they talk to it. Mebbe thet’s why mah grandson is carryin’ ‘bout 50 pounds o’ extra weight; he don’t like to get up off the couch and turn ‘em on hisself.

Their car has more gadgets. It’s got a camera whut shows the road behind him when he backs up. We still turn our heads and look around when we back up. An’ git this: the seats an’ the steerin’ wheel has heat in ‘em!

Mah grandson got a goo-gaw on his wall whut tells ‘em if somebody tries to open a window or door. Some lady’s voice comes on an’ says, “Door open” when they go outside. Ah think ah would git tired of strangers talkin’ to me ever’ time ah tried doin’ somethin.’

Wahl, Cletus, ah ain’t sure if all them gadgets can be called goo-gaws, but they sure make life diff’rent in the big city. Me? Ah’m always glad to git back to simple life in the holler. Mebbe we lived to be old cause we come up without all the comforts.

Y’all come see me sometime. Lem’s Gen’ral Store still sells orange sodee pop.

Your cuz,


What about you? Do gadgets add or detract from your life? Feel free to comment below.

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