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Cousin Rufus and Nutrition

Dear Cousin Cletus,

Mah grandson Harley told me this is National Nutrition Month. Ah had to laugh at that. Ah guess people think we need someone to tell us how to eat.

Do you ‘member the way Granddaddy ate? He didn’t know whut cholesterol was. If he did, he would have fried it for breakfast. And he lived to be 98! Member how Granny used to make him big breakfasts with fried eggs and bacon, grits and gravy? She kept a can of bacon grease on the stove, poured it on green beans at supper time.

And then somebody come along and decided fat wasn’t good for us. And we shouldn’t slurp down sugary drinks, neither. So they limited the size of fountain drinks we could get at convenience stores.

Wahl, mebbe they’s somethin’ to some of that. When ah go to the grocery store in the big city, ah notice a whole lot of overweight folks. So, mebbe that’s a good reason to call attention to whut we stuff in our mouths.

Harley’s little tyke turned out to be a picky eater. Her mama is about beside herself tryin’ to get the little girl to eat enough to stay alive. She turns up her nose at good, solid food like taters ‘n beans. I tole Harley if they took out all the snack food for a week and just fed her meat and vegetables with no snacks between meals, she’d perk right up.

‘Member when you did that with yore little Betsy? It worked. Our kids grew up healthy and never knew whut a fruit roll-up wuz. They thought granola bars wuz bird food.

Ah guess the folks whut makes rules bout eatin’ has to change their minds ever’ now and then. As long as they don’t come to the holler and tell us to get rid of bacon and chitlins, they can make all the rules they want. Ah hope they leave mah orange sodee pop alone.

Your cuz,


What about you? Any thoughts on National Nutrition Day? Feel free to comment below.


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