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Cousin Cletus Gets Social

Dear Cousin Rufus,

You’ve been so good to write that I thought I should write back. How is life in the holler? I sure miss livin’ there.

Here in the big city there’s lots of people throwin’ around the word social. The newspaper’s always printin’ stories about social security, social media and social distancing.

So I tried what they call social media. Now, you got no computers back in the holler, but I know you’ve seen ‘em at your grandkids’ places. My grandkids tried to show me how to use some of that social media on a computer. It’s so confusin’ I think I’ll never get the hang of it. They’re afraid I’m gonna accidentally send my bank account to some unknown person in a foreign country. I have to keep goin’ back to my grandkids and askin’ ‘em to show me how it works. I think their patience is wearin' thin.

And then there’s the social distancing thing. Can’t see anything social ‘bout that. They even make’ kids in school wear masks and stay six feet apart. And that’s the ones that go to school in person. Some of ‘em has to learn on the computer. Who knows what teachers are lookin’ at in their homes ?

When I think of social, Rufus, I think of the old-time box socials we used to have back in the holler when we wuz courtin'. Do you 'member how the girls would all fix up a purty box filled with a picnic dinner? Fried chicken, biscuits, chocolate cake. I git hungry just thinkin' about it. And then the fellers would bid on 'em at the auction, and whoevers you bought had to eat dinner with you. Those were the days.

Well, that’s about all we know. Me an’ Maude is livin’ a day at a time, stayin’ home cause we don’t like wearin’ masks ever’where we go. We prefer sittin’ on our back porch, watchin’ the squirrels git ready fer winter.

We’re plannin’ on comin’ to visit you next week, Rufus. I want us to make a trip to Lem’s Gen’ral Store an’ git orange sodee pop, just like when we wuz kids. Does he still have that red metal cooler with the bottle opener on the front?

Take care of Old Bozo, your hound.

Your cuz,


What about you? Any thoughts on getting social? Or things you used to do in the good old days? Feel free to comment below.


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