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Emerging from Social Isolation

Have you noticed some changes taking place since we were ordered into social isolation several weeks ago?

Now that we’re venturing out, face masks still in place, we feel like children discovering the big, wide world all over again. It’s exhilarating. I felt almost giddy going to the post office.

People seem kinder and more thoughtful than they used to be.

My husband sometimes wears a hat which someone bought him when they toured Pearl Harbor. It says, USS Missouri, Pearl Harbor. A couple people read the hat and approached my husband, thanking him for his service to our country. He never was in the service; if he had been at Pearl Harbor he would be nearly a hundred years old. Their thoughtfulness is heartwarming, even if it’s also humorous.

One of my sisters says she no longer resembles the picture on her name tag at work. Once she’s allowed to have company again her friends could sit around playing, “Guess My Original Hair Color.”

The same sister sent the following email this week.

Do you suppose people are suddenly discovering the art of conversation? We've always had the ability to carry on conversations with family, friends and neighbors. Most "oldsters" held onto that archaic communication tool.

Then along came the cell phone and texting and no one "talked" anymore. Emails took place of voice communications. Youngsters just text each other without hearing another human voice on the other end. No need to chat with the boss -- just reply to the email. The dinner conversation fell away with sports schedules and dashing out the door with a sandwich in hand. Duck the parental inquiry that used to be held at supper time, "So, what did you do today?"

I hope we don't become a "voiceless" society. Exercise the vocal chords - call a parent, neighbor, or friend just to chat.


If good can come out of bad, then I think social isolation has goaded most of us to rediscover things we missed in the fast lane a few months ago. I’m for keeping it that way; how about you?

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