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Dogs' Day Out

May is National Pet Month. In tribute to our furry friends, we feature canines on this post. After all, who has the capacity of your dog, to love you when you’re down?

Dear Ralph,

It’s me, Darby. Bet you didn’t know I learned to email, did you?

I’ve been wondering how you and your humans are doing lately. For some reason you don’t come over as often as you used to. I miss sniffing all the different smells on you and your humans. Your mom, especially, smells like cooked food.

So, are your humans doing weird things like mine? I think something is wrong with my human mom. She hangs around the house all day staring at her computer. I liked it better when they both went to work and left Remy and me to run the house. Nowadays, when we settle on the sofa for a good day’s nap, one of them blusters into the room making noise, turning on music, or cooking. And they don’t even share all the time. They think they have squatter’s rights to the furniture!

Here we are sleeping on the sofa when the humans aren’t around, heh, heh!

It’s hard to get a decent day’s sleep, now that the people around here park themselves on the sofa during daylight hours. They taught Remy and me Sit and Stay when we were just pups. Now they’re doing it themselves.

Do your humans make you take walks? Mine do, long ones! I hope dogs can’t get bunions because my paws are getting a huge workout!

Write back when you can.




Dear Darby,

I’ve never told you this, but your size is a little intimidating to me. I DO like to come over once in a while, because your mom gives me treats and I like running in your front yard.

So your humans are acting weird too. So are mine. They take me on walks more often but that’s okay because I have lots of energy. I always trot faster when we pass Jamison’s house. He’s the huge Rottweiler who lives two blocks away, behind the board fence. If he ever gets his jaws on me, I’m history.

You know how I’m attached to my humans? Whenever they get up and move around, I follow them. Well, now that they stay home all the time, I’m getting lots more exercise. It’s enough to wear a fellow’s paws to the bone. I got more rest when they left part of the day.

Here is a picture of me which Mom took last weekend. I was sitting in the yard, enjoying the quiet for a while, thinking deep doggie thoughts. If only I could catch one of those pesky squirrels that raid the bird feeder!

Let me know if your humans ever get better. Don’t forget, you can always ask to be let outside every few minutes. Maybe it’ll wear them out long enough to buy you some nap time.


What about you? Any pictures to share of your fur babies? Email me at and I will share them on this site.

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