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Pexting (Pet Texting)

Dear Simba,

It’s a good thing my humans haven’t figured out I know how to text.

So, what have your humans been doing? For some reason mine have been hanging around the house all the time, like it’s Saturday. My human badly needs a haircut.

Their behavior is getting out of hand. While they were gone all day I used to have the run of the house. I could jump onto counter tops and rummage around the cabinets. Now they shoo me off counter tops like they own the place or something.

Do your humans ever catch you in the bathroom sink? It’s my cousin's very favorite place to nap. Once when Grandma came to visit, she found her there and took her picture.

Please text me back when your humans get busy doing something else. Here is a picture of me in my favorite sleeping position.


Dog (yes, that’s my real name)


Dear Dog,

My human acts strange too. She sits around all day, reading books and staring at her computer screen. I think something is wrong with her. And she wears pajamas all day. At 9:00 p.m. she changes from her daytime pajamas to her nighttime pajamas.

And you know what? She's not only acting strange, she's looking a little strange too. Her hair used to be dark brown. Now it's white at the roots. I've heard humans say stress can do that to them.

Life was so much nicer for us cats when our humans went to work every day. But I got the upper hand last week when my human opened the patio door. I made her think of it by bird-watching while the door was closed. She felt sorry for me and opened the glass door so I could feel the great outdoors through the screen. And then I hogged the spot in front of the door, right in the sunshine.

Here is what I do when my human's back is turned. Curiosity almost killed this cat!



What about you? What do your pets think about your staying at home? Feel free to comment below.

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