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Name That Tattoo

If you are an observer of human nature, you can’t help noticing the outbreak of tattoos in our culture. They’re now as common as fleas on a dog (pardon the comparison).

During my growing-up years, tattoos were for sailors or soldiers. We children would gaze in wonder when an old geezer would roll up his sleeve to reveal the word Mom—or a girlfriend’s name on his bicep.

With a little humor and perhaps some foresight, I can envision a nursing home someday, filled with elderly folks sporting tattoos which they thought were a good idea at age eighteen.

What they didn’t plan for, however, was the way gravity would change things as their bodies aged.

Fast-forward to the year 2060. Golden Years Manor (a fictitious name) is having a slow day. To pass the time, residents have invented a new game: Name That Tattoo.

“So, Chelsea, show us that tattoo on your back,” says the MC. “Okay folks, anyone want to guess what it is?”

“Chelsea, why did you get a walrus tattooed on your back?” asks Ashley.

“It’s not a walrus; it’s a mermaid!” shoots back Chelsea. “I just gained a little weight, that’s all.”

The MC continues, “Kayla, you’re next. Ladies, what do you think is on Kayla’s shoulder?”

“Well, it looks to me like a sumo wrestler holding two bazookas,” offers Brooke.

“No, it’s me forty-five years ago! I was a majorette, twirling two batons!” counters Kayla.

“Well, no one’s going to guess this one,” announces the MC. “Keeosha, show us those Chinese characters on your leg. They were pretty popular back in 2015.”

“I know it! I know it!” shouts Suki. “I was born in China.”

“Then you should know they say water and wind,” beams Keeosha.

“Actually, they said Little Chang’s Tattoo Parlor,” Suki says.

Back to my observations. This is just speculation, but I can’t help chuckling when I think of the mean trick gravity and Mother Nature are going to play on today’s tattooed crowd.

What about you? Any observations about tattoos which grow old? Use the comment section below.

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