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Spouse Conversations

Did you know it may take decades for men and women to figure out what their spouses really are saying when they speak? Just ask your friends.

It may not always be prudent for a wife and husband to take their spouse’s words at face value.

Let’s say the wife is standing at the kitchen sink, washing dishes. Her husband comes up behind her and says, “Have you lost weight?”

A woman of experience may know he really means, “I’m setting you up because I just spent our last $30 on a power tool.”

See? You have to know when to use spouse radar.

Conversely, the wise husband knows his wife may have hidden meanings behind her words. When a wife says to her husband, “Does this outfit make me look fat?” he had better do some quick thinking. A few painful experiences and he will discover a diplomatic answer can preserve domestic tranquility for a long time.

In this case, what his wife really is communicating is, “You’d better say something nice if you want a decent dinner tomorrow night.”

His male radar signals him to respond, “You look good in anything!”

The situation become a little tricky when both male and female have agendas they are trying to disguise. Here are a few of the more common.

She: “I cooked your favorite meal tonight, Dear!’ Translation: “I had a fender-bender today and I hope you tell me it’s okay…after you’ve gorged on steak.”

He: “So, how long can your mother stay when she comes next week?” Translation: ”I need advance notice so I can work overtime when she’s here.”

She: “Dinner will have to be quick tonight.” Translation: “We’re having either leftovers or cereal.”

He: “I can fix this in a jiffy.” Translation: “This will take several hours and about five trips to the hardware store.”

Spouse conversations: we have them; we use them. All it takes is a little radar, which comes from years of experience.

How about you? Have any words of wisdom about spouse conversations? Feel free to comment in the box below.

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