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Homespun Cause and Effect

A few years ago our son took a college philosophy course and asked me to edit his papers for content and grammar.

It occurred to me then that most of us have our own philosophy of life, albeit in a much simpler form. I like to call it Cause and Effect. This philosophy is related to Murphy’s Law, a common observation that if anything can go wrong, it will.

For example, let’s say the engine on your car blows up. That’s the effect. The cause? Last week your daughter broke off a year-long relationship with her boyfriend, a top-notch mechanic who would have fixed your car for free to impress you and your daughter.

See how this applies?

Here is a list of common cause/effect relationships.

Effect: It rained today.

Cause: You just washed your car.

Effect: Your dog throws up on the living room carpet.

Cause: Your boss will arrive in ten minutes for a dinner party.

Effect: You have the worst case of acne in five years.

Cause: You finally landed a date with that special someone.

Effect: It’s a bad hair day.

Cause: You are schedule for a job interview.

Effect: Your memory seems to be fading a bit.

Cause: Raising children can be hazardous to your health.

Effect: Your new shirt becomes tight after Christmas.

Cause: Manufacturers insert something into shirts which makes them shrink when taken out of the cellophane. It has nothing to do with your weight.

Effect: You burn a hole in the jacket of your new suit.

Cause: You bought a suit with two pairs of pants and one jacket.

Effect: You have new life forms growing in your refrigerator.

Cause: You forgot that meatloaf on the bottom shelf.

You see, philosophy is not just for college students. At some point we all become armchair philosophers. All it takes is a little life experience.

What about you? Got any "cause and effect" stories? We'd love to read them in the comment box below.

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