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Tax Time Games

It’s that time of year again, when the April 15th deadline forces us to bring out receipts, pencils and calculators for that event we call income tax deadline.

The first year one of our children left home for college, he was like the deer in the headlights when I mentioned turning in his income tax papers.

“Did you get your W-2 form?” I asked.

“What’s that?” he replied.

-Which brought instant remorse on my part. Had I neglected something as necessary as potty training in preparing this child for life? It caused this young adult who had flown from the nest, to circle back and pick up a few tidbits he’d neglected to take the first time.

And so, with these people in mind, I offer this glossary of tax terms. And to give them recall value, I have given them names of games they probably played in the past.

BARREL OF MONKEYS: Contrary to the popular saying, life is not as fun as one as the pressure of April 15th looms near.

BINGO: What you say when you finally find the papers you were looking for to file taxes.

CLUE: You wish someone would give you one of these so you could remember where all your income went last year. Did you really spend all that money?

LIFE: It happens to us all as we slog through paperwork. Keep your chin up; you will make it.

OLD MAID: What young women will be by the time they pay for their wedding after shelling out money for taxes. Especially if they are self-employed.

PHASE 10: The last night of sweat and tears, collecting data and preparing things for your tax accountant.

RISK: The odds that you will get your taxes paid on time without having to work two jobs and give up eating out.

STRATEGO: You hope your tax accountant has one up his sleeve to help you figure out a few more deductions.

TABOO: Trying to get on a first-name basis with the representative who calls you about the error on your return last year.

UNO: Number of dollars in your bank account after you pay what you owe.

GO FISH: (Yes, I know this is out of alphabetical order) What you do after you finish the prep work, hand it over to your tax accountant, sign the papers and pay your fee.

Calling all creative people: Have I missed any games that could relate to filing taxes? Feel free to add some below.

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