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Releasing Your Inner Child

I once read an article about Albert Einstein's intelligence. When asked how he discovered the theory of relativity, he replied (and I paraphrase), “You know how children lie on their backs and look at the sky and wonder how the clouds got there? Then they grow up and forget how to do that. Well, I never grew up.”

Dreamers of the world, unite!

There was a rumor going around that Einstein had to ask directions to get home after work. But if he did, at least he must have been fun to hang around most of the time.

We all have a little of the dreamer in us. If ever you have been bored, perhaps you have exercised this special gift.

Here are some things you might ponder if you took the time.

What would happen if you turn a treadmill to its highest setting and then leap onto it? How far would it throw you? My children really tried this. If you knew our youngest, you would have no trouble picturing it.

Imagine what would happen if you open a gallon can of paint, swing it around and let it fly. How far would it splatter? I did something similar on the farm with buckets of water. My older brother tried it with a basket of eggs.

What would happen if the next time you go deer hunting, the guy holding the barbed wire fence for you, suddenly got a bee in his ear?

Can you really fry an egg on the sidewalk in July? My kids also tried this on the road in front of our house.

If you swung your little sister around by her hands and accidentally let go, could you run fast enough to escape Mom?

Deep, scientific thoughts, we all have them. Just release your inner child and who knows what you might discover.

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