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Outboard Ice Cream

If you are married or dating and wish to keep tranquility in your relationship, you would be wise to remember flowers or candy or an occasional card for your beloved.

Which brings us to the discussion of famous and not-so-famous couples.

In 1907 a lovesick Norwegian immigrant named Ole Evinrude was inspired to invent the outboard motor because he had to row a mile and a half across Lake Okauchee in Wisconsin, to bring his girlfriend ice cream. Love for Bessie inspired Ole to patent a l.5 horsepower outboard motor and found Evinrude Outboard Motors. Ladies, pay attention to the man who brings you ice cream; you just might find yourself married to the head of a corporation someday.

And then there was the romance between John and Abigail Smith Adams. She married at age 20 and give him five children, including our fifth president, John Quincy Adams. John trusted Abigail as his political advisor as well as First Lady. Theirs was a close relationship of mutual respect, kept alive by more than 1,000 letters they wrote to each other. Never underestimate the power of letters, guys.

George Washington and wife Martha had a dignified relationship, according to early American history. Martha was a widow with two children, and although she and George never had children of their own, they did raise two of her children and grandchildren.

An early historian asked George’s granddaughter Nellie about her famous grandfather’s character. Nellie replied that George was a quiet, reserved man who rarely spoke of himself. But there was a deep love between George and Martha. She stayed with George in his winter quarters during the war and helped nurse sick soldiers, as well as entertain officers.

These examples may help the lovelorn suitor who is eager to impress his ladylove. Guys, bring her ice cream and write lots of letters. And may the best man win.

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